Jonmoore truck at Site

Jonmoore International was contracted on a project to transport specialized cargo over a 10km distance from the Tema Port to the construction site of a new Oil Refinery.

All Health, Environment, and Safety procedures were employed to ensure an incident free and no Loss Time on this project.

As with all projects, a comprehensive survey was conducted prior to commencing the project. The Project Logistics Team employed adequate planning and the combination of various skills and expertise to ensure optimized safe-service delivery. Some anticipated challenges such as maneuvering the safe transportation of up to fourteen meters (14m) overhang on cargo with weights in excess of (180,000 kg) on our narrow roads and negotiating of roundabouts was addressed appropriately.

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Jonmoore International trucks on Site.

As a solution, we utilised the use of our specialised 19-axle modular trailer with its extendable bed to allow the cargo to attain a safe resting position and perfect balance during transportation. Other equipment used included standard low-beds, flatbeds and extendables.

With the prospect of Ghana being a petroleum hub within the West African sub-region, Jonmoore International is readily contributing immeasurable time and efforts to this agenda.