Jonmoore truck at work

The oil and gas industry is a good contributor to Ghana’s economy making up an enviable percentage of exports leaving the shores of Ghana aside cocoa, which Ghana is widely known for. Further exploration of this sector will be crucial as it has the potential to significantly increase the economic frame of the country.

Jonmoore International Limited (JMI) is involved in offloading from vessels, transporting both standard, out-of-gauge and specialized equipment for an oil refinery company in Tema 10km away from the port. Considering the various dimensions, JMI had to go through narrow roads, uneven surfaces, and roundabouts to make sure the cargo is delivered safely to the site, which is currently under construction. Some of the equipment delivered included component parts of the CDUVDU and CCU which were in lengths exceeding forty meters (40m) and weights of up to 160,000kg. We utilized our 19-axle modular trailer with an extendable bed to attain a safe resting position and balance of these heavy items for transport. There was also the utilization of various standard low-beds, flat-beds and extendables.

Jonmoore track transports a 160,000kg equipment.
Jonmoore International Trucks Working On Site At Tema.

The ultimate goal of JMI in this project is to be part of the big story of putting Ghana in its rightful place in the global energy sector as a petroleum hub in West Africa. The key to a great nation they say, is a well-built economy and Jonmoore International is here to be part of the story.