At Jonmoore International we are committed to the implementation of our “exceeding expectation” programme which provides the structure to continuously improve both the management system and our performance in order:


To deliver high quality services that meet the customer’s requirements and Continuous Improvement will be a way of life.

Health and Safety

To ensure the health, safety, and welfare, through the prevention of injuries and ill health, of all Jonmoore International employees and others affected by our activities. To identify hazards, assess risks and to implement risk control measures and whenever necessary execute corrective action programmes.


To ensure the protection of the environment, from receipt until final use/disposal of the end product and wherever services are rendered by minimising waste, preventing pollution, and optimising our use of natural resources including energy and water. Moreover, in addition to all above specific items, Jonmoore International is committed: To comply with all applicable legislation requirement and standards.

To provide appropriate and adequate resources, information, instruction, training and supervision, to all Jonmoore International employees.

To investigate and correct non-conformity with the aim of preventing re occurrence.

To consult and communicate with employees and where applicable with other interested parties.

To define and cascade through the organisation quantified objectives and targets that reflect this policy and against which Company performance will be reviewed on regular basis.


Hilton John MITCHELL, CMILT, Ph.D (H.c)
Managing Director & CEO